NBC Universal

I joined NBC’s Oxygen Network as an Off-Air Designer in 2015. When arriving, they had just went through a re-brand, and needed help picking elements for the brand refresh. I created concepts for reality tv show Key Art, and on-air logos, which translated into 360 campaign assets for specific shows.


Bad Girls Club | Season 14

This was the first project I worked on at Oxygen. I comped the artwork, and directed the retoucher. I comped each person from 4-6 photos and created some of the assets from scratch- building legs, painting hair, making grass, and a driveway.


Preachers of Atlanta was a spin-off of the popular “Preachers Of” series on
Oxygen. Cameras followed 5 prominent Atlanta preachers through their daily
life, trials, and tribulations. I created the on-air logo, digital skin package with
INTERACTIVE ONE, and assets for the show premiere party in Atlanta, GA.


Quit Your Day Job, created by Randi Zuckerburg, gave everyday product designers an opportunity to pitch their work to a board of execs, so they could own their own business.

I pitched in for Key Art direction, photo retouching, and led the creative for OOH assets, and assets for the QYDJ event at 30 Rock.


Prancing Elites followed 6 queer and gay “jette“ dancers from Alabama to New Orleans. Cameras followed as they went through life, love, tragedy, and success!

I created the Key Art concept, and directed retouchers for the finished product. NBC held a few events for the show’s 2nd premiere such as a branded coffee cart and branded coffee warmers on W50th street.